Thank you for booking with Meraki Studio Space. Please take a moment to review some info and rules for the space. Feel free to contact us with any questions before your scheduled date. Have a great shoot!

  • Parking – We are limited to 2 marked parking spaces. We can also park 1 or 2 additional cars in front of our roll up door and that space is always reserved only for the studio. If you have more cars you can park them directly across the street in the park lot.
  • Setup/Tear down – Setup and clean up are part of your scheduled time. You must be cleaned up and locked up at the end of your scheduled time. Often another shoot is starting right after and there is no extra time allotted to clean up after your end time.
  • Wifi – Wifi is available at the studio and the network is “Meraki Studio Guest” and the password is create2019
  • Trash – Don’t worry about emptying the trash can in the studio when you finish. However if you have set pieces, props or large items please take them with you when you are finished. You cannot leave large items or trash behind.
  • Cleanup – Please leave the studio the way you found it. This means break down and put away lights and modifiers, roll up and put back extension cords, put away chairs/props/furniture to where it was before, put away V flats, turn off lights and AC, etc.
  • Seamless – Seamless paper is available for use. There is no charge for using seamless as a backdrop but if you need to place the seamless on the floor there is a charge of $25 per color to replace the used portion.